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Importance of Exercise

Exercise is basically defined  as a process that functions in the body to stimulate your body, resulting in burns of calories and energy.There are many types of physical activity, including swimming, running, running, walking and dancing.Exercise is an important aspect of our daily life, but we are not yet aware of its importance.It cannot be ruled out that people who live an active lifestyle are more likely to suffer from the disease and live longer.

Types of Exercise

There are four different types of exercise:
⦁ Aerobic(endurance)
⦁ Strength
⦁ Flexibility
⦁ Balance

Aerobic (Endurance) Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the kind that makes you breathe harder and builds your fitness up.This type of exercise is useful in reducing the percentage of illness visits and keeping the circulatory system and lungs healthy.Some common aerobic activities include:
⦁ Climbing the stairs
⦁ Playing tennis
⦁ Dancing
⦁ Biking
⦁ Doing yard work like raking, burrowing and cultivating
⦁ Swimming laps
⦁ A brisk walk
⦁ Jogging

Strength exercises

Some exercise specifically helps you build muscle. For example, Pilates, physiotherapy type exercise are helpful for your bones and muscles to keep strong.Some examples of strength training include:
⦁ Lifting free weights
⦁ Using resistance machines at the gym
⦁ Utilizing resistance groups to use your claim body weight in building quality


Today’s modern period, Flexibility is overlooked when doing exercising but it has really good.Flexible workout makes all your organs more flexible to maintain your physical health and increase you range of motion.Here are a few ways to progress your adaptability:
⦁ Stretching various parts of the body
⦁ Doing yoga

Balance exercises

Some exercise helps improve your balance by helping you build up core strength.This exercise is for elder people who have risk of fall but its importance is for all of them in society by strengthening the body’s core.Here are some good balance exercises:
⦁ Heel-to-toe walking
⦁ Standing on one foot
⦁ Practicing tai chi poses

Exercise benefits

There are numerous benefits of standard work out and keeping up wellness and these incorporate:

  1. Feel Happier
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Improves physical health
  4. Higher Energy Levels
  5. Relaxation and Sleep Quality
  6. Reduce Pain
  7. Promote a Better Sex Life

Effects of exercise on body system

Nervous system

Exercise improves the ability of the brain to function.The body also includes memory and thinking skills. In fact, exercise increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain due to which  brain chemicals (hormones) releases who control brain cognitive ability and lower risk of cognitive degenerative disease.

Musculoskeletal system

As mentioned above, exercise has a great impact on bones and muscles.By doing regular exercise musculoskeletal disorder like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis risk decrease to a great extent.Those people who do regular exercise on regular basis and stay active, joint pain and backache issues are not active in young age and their immune system is efficient as compared to other who do not exercise.

Cardiovascular system

Exercise not only strengthens the body’s muscles but also strengthens the cardiac muscles. Exercising on a daily basis reduces your cholesterol and dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease like coronary heart disease.

Metabolic disorder

Frequent and regular exercise keeps you metabolic activity strong by reducing that types of hormones in your body which causes chronic disorder like cortisol and insulin.

Immune system

Immune system keeps your body healthy and strong.If your immunity is low then you are more likely to get involved in chronic disease.To make immune system strong exercise is very important because it increases your body’s ability to pump more oxygen and nutrients that kill bacteria and virus.

Psychological effects

Depression is a problem in which every person gets involved and sometime cannot be treated by medication.In this case doctors advise you to do exercise and increases your physical activity by meeting people and reduce stress levels.

Help Skin Health

People who exercise regularly protect their skin from oxidative stress and their skin is shining all the time.