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severe headache
Neurological symptoms


Headache is a raised intracranial pressure in your scalp,it can be caused by different medical conditions.Migraine, anxiety, depression are also other variety of headache. Categories of Headache Several different headache types exist. Examples of these headache types include: Tension headaches A pressure migraine is by…

chest pain/angina
Pulmonary symptoms

Chest Pain

After road side accident (Head injury), chest pain is second most common reason of emergency in medical life.If you have a feeling of heavy pressure and tightness in thoracic region, it’s clear indication of chest pain.Angina or heart attack is…

pain in back
Rheumatological symptoms

Back Pain

Back pain is not also a medical term but also used in common life named as backache (lumbago).It is usually due to soft tissue injuries or mechanical issues. Common causes of back pain Conditions commonly linked to back pain include: Strain Muscle…

jaundic and its treatment
Gastrointestinal symptoms


If the quantity of bilirubin in the blood is raised, the skin may be yellow or the color of the white of the eyes, then the person may experience jaundice.Subsequently, increased bilirubin level is due to abdominal tract obstruction, through…