Tea Burn is believed to be the world's first and only natural proprietary, patent-pending compound that can boost metabolic speed and efficiency when coupled with tea.


Tea Burn is made in an FDA-inspected facility using a blend of all-natural components that provides excellent quality and little side effects.


Additionally, it may have additional benefits like as assisting with overall health and tooth whitening, among others, which we will discuss further in this study.




What is Tea Burn and how does it work?

Can Tea Burn's patent-pending composition actually enhance my metabolism?

Is there anything I should be aware of in terms of adverse effects?

How can I avoid being conned?

We'll go over everything in great depth below.


This in-depth Tea Burn review breaks down all of the product's benefits and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision before buying, and it's based on our team member's extensive research and conclusions.


We've gathered several online scams about Tea Burn that you should stay away from!


In a moment, we'll provide our findings, key data, and final thoughts, so stay tuned!


If you just want to get the product from the official Tea Burn site click right here!

(Disclaimer: this Tea Burn Supplement review is an independent evaluation of the supplement and is not meant to represent the brand, company, or any of it’s business assets)

What is the Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn Review: Is It Worth Buying This "In-Tea" Weight Loss Supplement?

Our team analyzed Tea Burn ourselves to share the facts and and lay out our own conclusions. Pros, cons and main facts are here!

Posted on April 30th, 2022 

While simultaneously enhancing your health, vitality, and well-being...


Tea Burn encourages a healthy metabolism, hormone balance, and bodily detox while drinking tea (or the beverage of your choice).


It only demands that you use it in conjunction with your favorite tea or beverage on a daily basis.


Although it can be consumed with any beverage, the Tea Burn merchant strongly advises that it be consumed with tea due to its special recipe, which works better with tea.


Some of its main benefits include:

​Aids in the reduction of unhealthy cravings for junk food and sweets.

​Aid in weight loss through its metabolism enhancing formula.

​Weight loss may enhance energy levels as a positive side effect.

​Reduces appetite and cravings for sweets and junk food.

​Another advantage of a healthy metabolism is fat burning.

​Aids in the appearance of brighter, healthier teeth.

How Does Tea Burn Work?

How To Take Tea Burn?

Tea Burn's vendor recommends taking one packet every day with tea (or with your favorite beverage).


According to Tea Burn's merchant, you shouldn't need to take any other diet supplements on top of it.


However, as part of a healthy lifestyle, it's always a good idea to stick to a healthy eating plan and/or exercise routine along the way.


Sleeping enough (whatever works best for you, usually 6 to 10 hours straight at night) is also important because it helps the body adjust to any changes it is experiencing.

Ingredients in Tea Burn – What's In The Pouch?

Before we even consider reviewing a product, we make sure to look over the ingredients. We encourage that you do the same so that you know exactly what you're eating.


Fortunately, we've previously mentioned them in this Tea Burn review.

L-Carnitine - Helps regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. It also helps to reduce the risk of type two (2) diabetes and improves metabolism to burn calories.

L-Theanine - It is one of the few amino acids that are listed for Tea Burn which combined with other ingredients aims to increase the product’s ability to burn fat. It also helps reduce the extra fat in the stomach, arms, and legs. Furthermore, it can help reduce toxins and improve the brain’s function.

Caffeine - Naturally available in many teas, it is also available in Tea Burn. This ingredient is one of the world's most popular fat burners. According to several studies, it helps the body burn more calories naturally while at rest.

Green Tea Extract - It is well known for lowering stress and anxiety. Cortisol can trigger weight gain, as a cause of accumulating stress. By reducing cortisol, users can see a reduction in their stress levels and place less strain on the body, while helping the body relax to lose weight.

Chlorogenic Acid - There is no coffee extract in any tea, so the Tea Burn supplement contains green coffee bean extract to delivery this specific ingredient, which is high in antioxidants that aid in detoxification. They also greatly help to provide an efficient metabolism rate.

Tea Burn's Pros & Cons


Contains 100% natural ingredients that are safe to consume for the general public and is non-GMO.

It’s convenient to use, only requiring one pouch per day.

Helps protect the brain and cognitive decline.

Helps curb food cravings that could be causing weight gain.

Helps whiten your teeth!

60 day money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you within 60 days you can ask for your money back and they'll refund you 100% - no questions asked.

FDA Approved Lab – the production of Tea Burn comes from an FDA approved facility in the USA which ensures that quality and consumer safety are well taken care of.

Patent-pending formula. Most diet supplements are not really as unique as being able to file a patent request to certify its uniqueness, but Tea Burn proves with this that it is indeed unique.


The official Tea Burn is currently available online only on approved websites. NOT on Amazon or other retailers.

It might not work within a few days of usage. We believe that it requires consistency like with any other good supplement. However, everyone is different and it may work slower or faster on you when compared to other people.

Not made to work on younger people. People that want to lose weight, whom are in their "teens" might not see results because Tea Burn is unlikely to target the root cause of younger people's overweight issue.

Who Is Tea Burn Good For?

Tea Burn can be used in general for anyone above 20 years old of any gender. However, there are certain groups of people that should not use this supplement.

Pregnant women – it is not advisable to take any weight loss supplement when you are pregnant.

​Post-pregnancy – it is not recommended to consume any weight loss supplement immediately after pregnancy, especially if you are also breastfeeding your baby.

​People on Medication/Illness – if you are currently on any type of medication or underlying health condition, please do check with your doctor before consuming any form of weight loss supplements to be 100% sure.

Anyone with a history of eating disorders should not take supplements marketed towards weight loss.

If you are ever in doubt, please consult your doctor or dietitian before consuming not just Tea Burn, but before taking any health supplements.

Any Known Side Effects?

Tea Burn follows GMP standards, which means that it adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices, so the high quality of both their ingredients and the product overall is guaranteed. On top of this, Tea Burn is FDA certified.

However, you should always use common sense and if you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients in the formula, then you should not use it. Or if you have a medical condition you should ask for your doctor’s clearance before using Tea Burn.

Tea Burn is made using the latest equipment and then put through third party inspections and quality control to guarantee the safest possible product.

Tea Burn Supplement Pricing

Here’s the pricing for the pouches of Tea Burn:

Tea Burn Pricing

Ordering a bundle option (3 or 6 pouches) is obviously the most cost effective option if you decide to purchase. 

Most likely you'll start seeing solid results after a few weeks and if you buy the single pouch you'll be wanting to get more before you run out of supply.

You'll surely want to have enough supply once you start seeing results, after a few weeks of using the supplement before you run out, so we recommend you get a 3 or 6 pouches bundle.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

We are hesitant to tell you exactly how much weight can you lose with Tea Burn because results will be different from person to person.

Results also depend on the person's discipline to take Tea Burn, lifestyle, any known or unknown health conditions and several other variables.

However, we've seen a lot of buzz about Tea Burn online, which leads us to believe that it is working for most people.

People are being recommended by the vendor to get the 3 Pouches - 90 days supply option, or the biggest Tea Burn bundle (6 Pouches - 180 Days Supply) before they run out of pouches so that they can keep further improving their results.

Some might even consider ordering several 6 pouches bundles for friends and relatives after seeing their own results.

Tea Burn Review – Conclusion

We wouldn't say that Tea Burn is a "lose weight only" supplement, but it also works well to enhance your overall health, brain functions, teeth whitening and energy levels due to its patent-pending formula as explained above.


We don't think that you'll see quick results, so most likely you will after a few weeks of usage. Make sure to get a bundle (3 or 6 pouches) if you decide to purchase for better cost.


The 60 days 100% money-back guarantee gives anyone a great relieve when feeling skeptical of trying it out, even after being convinced by the facts on this review.


Again, it might not work quickly. We wished that this was something people could use and reap all its benefits fast, but people will have to be disciplined and use it every day to see the best results.


If you decide to purchase, make sure you do it through the official link so that it is a recognized purchase and the quality is guaranteed!


Quick tip (again): we recommend you buy the larger bundles where the price per pouch is much lesser and you make it well worth your money!

Tea Burn Video Testimonials

We've given you our review on Tea Burn based on our team's thorough research and, even though we don't want to overwhelm you with information that you can't really verify, we understand that you might still be skeptical about taking the leap and buying it.

Because of that, we decided to gather a couple of reviews that come from people who made their own research so you can take the perspective from people not related to us.

For example, here's a review from a lady who shares the facts that you've already seen in this review, confirming that these are consistent with what we've shared with you.


Scroll Down After Clicking Here

A BIG WARNING regarding purchasing Tea Burn...


People tend to create websites that look identical to supplements like the Tea Burn official one!


Tea Burn is ONLY available through its official website!


Their official website is teaburn.com, NOT ANY OTHER!




Not even from Amazon! Please avoid being scammed!


So, Is Tea Burn a scam?


YESSS, but only if you buy from a site other than teaburn.com.


Simply to avoid these scam versions, you just need to do ONE THING!


Buy the supplement ONLY from the official website.


That’s it!

And here's another and more bold review, now from a male's perspective. He a warning about not buying Tea Burn from other site that is not the official one and provides reinforcing insights to those from the previous video.

So, again...what is the official website for Tea Burn?

teaburn.com - Click Here To View It!


We hope that you've found this review of Tea Burn helpful and finally made your decision about this product.


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