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Back pain is not also a medical term but also used in common life named as backache (lumbago).It is usually due to soft tissue injuries or mechanical issues.

Common causes of back pain

Conditions commonly linked to back pain include:


Muscle or tendon strain cause back pain.Repeated work or an unanticipated cumbersome development will strain back muscles and spinal tendons in your vertebral column.For example, when you are playing or taking part in a sports activities you might be hurt feeling of stiffness.

Structural problems

In case of structural problems ruptured or bulging discs are most common issues.In your spine,discs act as like a cushions between the two vertebrae.Herniated or bulging disk is a very painful condition in which herniated discs pressing on the nerve that arises from your spinal canal go down to your leg can cause sciatica or irritation of the sciatic nerve.In backache,Disk injuries (either due to inflammation or spinal injury) are also common.


Arthritis is an infection of joints due to which pain, stiffness and swelling in the back are most common findings.In case of backache, it is most common in lower spine because it lifts whole body weight as compared to rest of spine.


Osteoporosis is another most common reason of backache both in men and women.It will cause unforeseen severe back pain that gets worse once you are standing or walking with some relief once you change posture.

Skeletal irregularities

⦁ Degenerative spondylolisthesis (vertebral bodies displacement)
⦁ Cauda equina syndrome (spinal nerve dysfunction at lower end of spinal cord)
⦁ Infection of the spine or tuberculosis of spine, such as bacterial, or viral
⦁ Carcinoma or non-malignant tumor in the spine

Sometime, nephritis or calculus in kidney have same feeling like as backache.

How is the cause of back pain diagnosed?

Physical examination is the primary step required to analyze back pain.Physical examination looks at the nature of back torment from different sorts of work out, which are as follows:
⦁ Leg strength reflexes ability to stand and walk
⦁ Ability to identify sensations in your legs
⦁ Spine’s extend of movement by straight leg raise
If a genuine condition is suspected, your specialist might arrange other tests, including:
Lab Tests
⦁ blood and pee tests to check for basic conditions a particular hereditary marker called HLA-B27 within the blood can offer assistance to distinguish a conceivable conclusion of a spondylarthropathy, such as ankylosing spondylitis or receptive arthritis.

Imaging tests
⦁ X-rays of the spine to appear arrangement of your bones and
⦁ Computed tomography (CT) scan A CT check is one of numerous imaging may utilize to explore issues together with your spine.This incorporates torment due to wounds, illness, or infection.they can run the show out other causes of back torment to or run the show out—spinal column harm in harmed patients.
⦁ Attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) to survey your disks, muscles, tendons, nerves,and blood vessels
⦁ Bone scan to seek for anomalies within the bone tissue. A bone check can too be utilized to decide whether er cancer has multiply to the bones from another range of the body, such as the prostate or breast.
⦁ Electromyography (EMG) to test nerve conduction

How is back pain treated?

Usually, treatment is not required for back pain.Physiotherapy,regular exercises and over the counter medicine like pain relievers muscle relaxants are just enough for treatment of backache.
A lot of treatment methods for backache but it depends on its severity and their potential causes.You may need any of the following:


  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers
    Some medicines are very helpful for backache to a great extent.These are functions as analgesic like Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs),and ibuprofen etc.
  2. Topical rubs and ointments
    Ointments are extremely best to lessen back pain.
  3. Opioids
    For relieve of pain in back the medicine are used named as opioids which are strongly better than others.
  4. Muscle relaxants
  5. Antidepressants
  6. Steroid injections
    Alternative techniques
    There are many alternative therapies that may relieve back pain include:
    ⦁ acupuncture
    ⦁ massage
    ⦁ chiropractic adjustments
    ⦁ cognitive behavioral therapy
    ⦁ relaxation techniques


Back surgery might be an another choice if treatments haven’t worked by medications and your pain is not relieved.Back surgery usually further alleviate related symptoms or pain that radiating to one or both side of arms or legs.These are pain symptoms usually due to compressed nerves which are arising from the spine.
 The taking after are a few of the foremost common back surgeries:
⦁ Discetomy is evacuation of portion of a plate that’s herniated and causing torment or other side effects.  
⦁ Laminectomy
⦁ Spinal Combination may be a surgery in which agonizing vertebrae are combined into a single, more strong bone it makes a difference kill agonizing movement of the spine. 
⦁ Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

When and what doctor to check

Orthopaedic surgeons are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.If you are currently experiencing pain in your waist whether it is due to recent stress or a serious injury, then your specialist doctor orthopedic surgeon is the best choice.

orthopedic surgeon for back pain

How to prevent back pain?

For prevention of back pain,there are five point which cannot only ease backache but also relieved also prevent it.
Less stuff
Pointless gear or overweight things such as overwhelming briefcases, portable workstation sacks, bags, and handbags can put pointless stretch and strain on your neck and spine.
Physical activity
Fortify your stomach and back muscles Which moreover decreases your chances of back torment, stretch, or harm to back.
Regularly change posture
Destitute and single position puts superfluous weight and strain on your spine.Therefore, you ought to attempt to alter your position concurring to your work.if you not do so,discomfort and harm to spine is must over the time.
Change shoes
Choose comfortable, low-heeled shoes to avoid back pain. High-heeled shoes are more likely to harm your back as compared to others.One inch is just enough for heel height suggestion.
Stretch often
Extend frequently to move forward muscle circulation as doing the same thing each day causes your muscles to weakness and increment pressure. And holds up for torment and harm within the back.